14 June 2009

entertained: you + your best friend

i know my besties love this one. this is just one of my greeting cards. they are all sweet and southern on the outside and potty mouths on the inside. just like ME!
lemme know what y'all think... there are lots more to come

xo Lea

04 June 2009

invited: roof top party

i looooove entertaining. i looooove inviting people over. i, pretty much, love any excuse to make awesome invitations! this is an invite i created for a party hosted by my boyfriend, m, and me. it was a blast! btw, brooklyn is a great place for a roof top party because we have sweetest views of the most awesome city in the world. nyc, y'all!

xo Lea

01 June 2009

married: brad + laura

this invitation was for Brad and Laura's wedding. they are a fun laid back couple and they both consider their style to be more simple than frilly. no problem, simple and elegant it is!

xo Lea

thanked: Pears

I just love these pears, I think its the Southern girl in me. I also cannot resist anything sparkly ;) I think they make cutest "thank you" cards, don't y'all? Off to make more stationary goodness!
xo Lea