25 February 2010

design: textiles

maybe it's because it is snowing, again. or maybe because I'm whipping up a presentation for a serene spa like bedroom... but I can't get blankets, pillows, and snuggly throws off my mind. I came across these today and INSTANTLY fell in love with this Mexican Beadspread

and these Turkish Hamman Towels

from l'aviva home and, I also really like their philosophy - "the collections reflect the belief that the things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose beyond mere decoration: they should help us connect to the world beautiful, right?" RIGHT!

I'm also really crushin' on the textiles from Les Indiennes they have amazing pillows at pretty great prices and I really like their style

don't you want a great book and a free afternoon?
Or perhaps now you are in the mood for a nap, I want to sleep on the delicious bedding from d.u.e by matteo and it come in a ton of AHHHmazing colors...

well, I'm gonna make some tea now and daydream of luxe linens...
xo Lea

18 February 2010

designed: my new job

Mama's got a brand new JOB! It is the most awesome and amazing gig I've ever had. I'm working as a designer in NEW YORK CITY (the most heavenly place to design in the world) woot! woot! I'm floating in cloud 27, as in waaaay more than a measly could 9. I'm also busier than I've ever been. Hence no posts lately. I've decided that until my life settles down I will change my program up a bit. I am still making stationary goodness, and if you are interested in anything custom- send me an email, or give me a call. Right now though my main focus is interior design goodness. I've been on the hunt for the PERFECT pillow, a fabulous lamp, or a beautiful object d'art... y'all know, designer-y stuff. So as I come across cool sh*t, I will share with all who read my lil' ole blog. I'm certainly not reinventing the wheel, but I know I have a unique perspective. I mean really, who else do you know that loves monograms as much as graffiti? Yeah, thought so. And in honor of my aforementioned loves...

here is some fun stuff that can be personalized
- check out Col. Littleton these freaking bracelets are AHHHsome, right?

and really, who doesn't love a tote? I'd like a large brown tote, with style #17 in brown thread, from Ballard Designs, please! Oh yeah, look at that I just got all designer-y again with some tone on tone action...

and here is some funky graffiti
like this fine china from The Future Perfect (check out all their stuff, it's one of my favorite all time places to shop)

and on a side note, if you have an animal and even a hint of a sense of style, you probably realized quite quickly that is NOTHING even remotely chic about food bowls. The only thing I've managed to tolerate is just plain stainless steel bowls.
And then I saw this... oh, hello lovely.
Everything from Doca Pet is gorge, seriously, gorgeous. If super modern isn't your thing, then I often suggest buying a few bowls in a pattern that coordinates with room that the animal's food is in.

Like for a rustic kitchen get some blue and white bowls or wooden ones.
But, please anything is better than the molded plastic bowls from the pet supply store.

xo Lea